My current work comes from reclaimed life drawing, an accumulation of hundreds of images in line and gesture, often depicting figurative relationships, some intended and others not.  This recreation is a connected stream of acrylic transfers, xeroxed from the earlier work, repositioned and rescaled to form a narrative of oddly patterned design and destiny on wallpaper.  The visual result is a distillation of fragmented body parts, flickering by as if they were the remains of an old silent movie.

Originally done on cheap paper, the images are preserved by recasting them in acrylic media.  Now coated in layers of gesso, gel, and paint, the work survives as a kind of contemporary parchment.   Heavier then paper, it wrinkles, creases, and even buckles. To play up this difference, I like keeping these pieces undressed, daring them to sag as I suspend them with magnets.

Bobby Vilinsky